write a reflective journal on case study ” Googling With China” reflective journal must be on 2 A4 size pages( forward and backward) and answer the question 1 to 4 in case study.

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Google was formed by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998, with the intention of being a unique company not in the business process but especially in the attitude towards the business and business processes as being up service to society and bring about Innovation and development with profitability being an ancillary and not the major goal of the organisation to be achieved at any cost. The company’s famous injunction of ‘Don’t be evil’ was adopted in a staff meeting in the early days of of the company having been formed and served as the mission and guiding principle for all associated with the company to understand clearly the founder members focus on ethics and social sensitivity above short term gains. This was widely propagated and implemented within the entire organisation to be adopted by all.

Google did not only adopt a different approach towards profiteering as a major business goal but also projected add an extremely motivational and inspirational attitude towards its employees providing them platform for personal achievement and growth rather than a singular focus on performing the work allotted within the organisation. The company realised the importance of human resource for an organisation based on innovation, therefore competing for talent by providing the most attractive option available to potential employees building a reputation of being a company which is employee focused considering achievement of personal growth for the employee as an important factor. The company we encourage employees to take time off within work hours for development of personal projects and ideas of personal interest leading to creation of innovative products which the company may adopt. This is is optimal utilisation of resources by ensuring that idle time of employees generate creative and innovative output which provides dual benefits to the company and the employee.

The question however is not of having highideals but the ability to adhere to them, whatever the situation may be. China with its large population is a huge market for any organisation, Google being no different. However, the well-known restrictions imposed by the Chinese government on flow of internet information into and out of the country for access by internet users through implementation of a firewall system, blocking connections with certain sites. The Chinese government also used the internet for tracking down citizens who it considered to be dissidents and acting against the interests of the government. Since the actions of the Chinese government against ethical values of Google as a company which believed in putting benefit of society above profitability, the company decided to host services to China from the United States but at the national firewall proved to be detrimental in providing optimal quality Services by slowing the connection within the country to Google and blocking various links. With the company which are taken the ethical and moral high ground since inception should have decidedly sacrificed profitability, encrypted services out of China, are not accepted censoring of search results implemented by the Chinese goverment. However, with its Chinese rival Baidu searching head within the country with the greater market share Google given to oo to the regulations and restrictions of the Chinese government and setup its services within the mainland, with excuse that it was more important to be of service to the Chinese people rather than not have operations due to restrictions which would be harmful to the general public. this however was a face saving statement as the company compromised on their much publicized don’t be evil injunction, by accepting the evil regulations imposed by the Chinese government. After 4 years of operations within China Google detected an attack by the Chinese government upon its infrastructure obtaining email accounts of Chinese human rights activists which lead to to the company finally deciding to who honor it’s don’t be evil injunction by refusing to implement any of the restrictions imposed by the Chinese government restrictions on search results, leading to oo extensive discussions with the government which fail to eat the desirable results and the company shifted its operations to Hong Kong from where it could provide services to the Chinese mainland. This also did not however provide the desired freedom in operation with the Chinese government threatening to to withdraw Google’s licence if it continues to redirect searches from within China directly to Hong Kong. Google again had to bow down and compromise on its ethical stance Chinese public not being censored but certain links being invalidated.

1) 20% of work time dedicated to projects of my own choosing I would definitely be more engaged with my current work due to motivation for providing optimal output, as I would be inspired to complete the given work to the best of my ability to be able to concentrate on something I was passionate about. organisation as a whole would become much more efficient with output improving in quality as well as quantity. As the organisation exhibits an attitude of care and concern for the personal growth of the employee it breeds loyalty with the employees also exhibiting similar care towards the goals and achievements of the organisation by performing at optimal levels and giving their best. This leads to overall growth for the organisation and the employees resulting and enhanced productivity and achievement of goals leading to all round success for all involved.

2) An evil scale as Eric Schimdt explained refers to identifying and deciding upon what is absolutely acceptable, maybe acceptable, maybe unacceptable, and absolutely unacceptable. The company we considered restrictions which were imposed by the Chinese government when the setup operations within the mainland as being may be acceptable but at the extent of control and interference which was identified in 2010 resulted in the company deciding that the actions of the Chinese government for absolutely unacceptable leading them to shutdown operations and shift to Hong Kong. However, operations from Hong Kong again subject to similar restrictions finally with the unacceptable becoming summit acceptable to continue to grow as a company with profitability and business considered over and above ethical stance of the company.