Wilson Corp. is a wholesaler of imported products. The company had the following opening balances at January 1, 2020: Accounts receivable $212,100 Allowance for doubtful accounts S-25,452 Net realizable value $186,648 During 2020, the company had the following summary transactions: a Sales on account, $2,303,000, cost of goods sold, 51,036,000 b. Products returned by customers, $46,000; cost of inventory returned, $21.000 C Cash collections on accounts receivable. $2.119,000 d. Write-offs of accounts receivable determined to be uncollectable, $31.815 . A customer that was previously written off sent in a cheque for $2.900 You estimate that $38.000 of your accounts receivable will be uncollected in the upcoming year. Record all of the above transactions and then answer the questions that follow,

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Journal Entries
a)Accounts Receivables$ 23,03,000.00
To Sales$ 23,03,000.00
Cost of Goods sold$ 10,36,000.00
To Inventory$ 10,36,000.00
b)Sales Returns and Allowances$ 46,000.00
To Accounts Receivables$ 46,000.00
Inventory$ 21,000.00
To Cost of Goods Sold$ 21,000.00
c)Cash$ 21,19,000.00
To Accounts Receivables$ 21,19,000.00
d)Allowance for Doubtful Accounts$ 31,815.00
To Accounts Receivables$ 31,815.00
e)Accounts Receivable$ 2,900.00
To Allowance for Doubtful Accounts$ 2,900.00
Cash$ 2,900.00
To Accounts Receivables$ 2,900.00
f)Bad Debt Expense$ 41,463.00
To Allowance for Doubtful Accounts$ 41,463.00


Allowance for Doubtful Accounts
Write Off$ 31,815.00Beg. Balance$ 25,452.00
Recovered$ 2,900.00
Ending Balance$ 38,000.00Bad Debt$ 41,463.00
$ 69,815.00$ 69,815.00