What software development process model is suitable for your project to conduct the development process? Justify your answer.

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What software development process model is suitable for your project to conduct the development process? Justify your answer.


In software development life cycle, various models are designed and defined. These models are known as as Software Development Process Models.
On the basis of challenge motive, the software development system version is selected for development.

Scrum Model

Scrum is an agile improvement method used withinside the improvement of Software primarily based totally on an iterative and incremental processes. Scrum is adaptable, fast, flexible and effective agile framework this is designed to deliver value to the client all through the improvement of the project. The primary goal of Scrum is to meet the client’s want thru an surroundings of transparency in communication, collective obligation and non-stop development. The improvement starts from a wellknown concept of ​​what desires to be built, elaborating a listing of traits ordered via way of means of priority (product backlog) that the owner of the product wants to obtain.
The Scrum model shows that initiatives development through a chain of sprints. In maintaining with an agile method, sprints are timeboxed to no greater than a month long, maximum usually weeks.
Scrum method advocates for a making plans assembly on the begin of the dash, in which crew members figure out what number of objects they are able to dedicate to, after which create a dash backlog – a listing of the tasks to carry out during the sprint.
During an agile Scrum sprint, the Scrum team takes a small set of functions from concept to coded and examined capability. At the cease, those functions are done, that means coded, examined and incorporated into the evolving product or system.
On every day of the sprint, all team individuals must attend a daily Scrum assembly, inclusive of the ScrumMaster and the product proprietor. This assembly is timeboxed to no greater than 15 minutes. During that time, team individuals proportion what they labored at the earlier day, will work on that day, and become aware of any impediments to development.
The Scrum version sees each day scrums as a manner to synchronize the work of team individuals as they talk the work of the sprint.
At the cease of a sprint, the team conducts a sprint overview for the duration of which the team demonstrates the brand new capability to the PO or some other stakeholder who desires to offer comments that would have an impact on the next sprint.
This comments loop inside Scrum software program improvement may also bring about modifications to the freshly added capability, however it can simply as probably bring about revising or including objects to the product backlog.
Another pastime in Scrum project control is the sprint retrospective on the cease of every sprint. The entire team participates on this assembly, inclusive of the ScrumMaster and PO.