What is the brand community and why is it important for sustainable marketing?

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What is the brand community and why is it important for sustainable marketing?


A brand community is usually run by a for-profit organization. Their core business is not to run the community but to sell a product or service. The community will encourage the exchange of ideas, views, and discussion online. The community is managed by paid community managers who are part of marketing, sales, customer service, etc. The purpose of the community is determined by the interaction, identity, and social relations. Some examples are Facebook, Quora, etc.

Sustainable marketing means that the business attracts customers who have a mindset towards the environment, social issues, and economic growth

A brand community is important for sustainable marketing because of the following reasons:

  1. It identifies like-minded people who want to be associated with a brand because of its green policies like maybe collecting plastic cups from the beach on a Sunday morning was done by a well-known coffee brand.
  2. The brand like Patagonia clothing support the environment, recycles waste and has an environment-friendly product line. They have a similarly minded brand community who will like to buy from them because of their sustainable policy.
  3. The brand community addresses various social issues and ensures likeminded people join the group and ensure the product is bought because of its social causes. They will address their concerns and discuss what they like and don’t like. They will tag likeminded people and build the community.

To conclude brand communities will motivate and encourage sustainable marketing by sharing ideas and interaction with like-minded people across the world. This will help to support sustainable causes and also generate sales to a focused group who like the companies support sustainable causes both in word and action.