Water at 10C lows from a large reservoir to a smaller one through 5 cm-diameter cast iron piping system, as shown in Fig. Q-3. The loss coefficients of various components are shown in the Figure. The elevation at z is 4m and the flow rate in the pipe is 6 L/s. The density and dynamic viscosity of water at 10 degree C are rho = 999.7 kg/m^2 and mu = 1.307 times 10^-3 kg/m s. The roughness of cast iron pipe is 0.00026 m. (a) Determine the average velocity in the pipe. (b) Determine if the flow in the pipe is laminar or turbulent (c) In circular pipes, for laminar flow the friction factor is given by the following relation f = 64.0/Re, and for turbulent flow it can be approximated by the Haaland equation 1/Squareroot f almostequalto -1.8 log [6.9/Re + (epsilon/D/3.7)^1.11], where f is the friction factor, the log is in base 10, Re is Reynolds number, epsilon is roughness, and D is the diameter of the pipe. Determine the friction factor in the piping system. (d) Determine the elevation z_1

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