Two atomic clocks are carefully synchronized. One remains in New York, and the other is loaded on an airliner that travels at an average speed of 250m/s and then returns to New York. When the plane returns, the elapsed time on the clock that stayed behind is 4.00h .

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Two Atomic Clocks Are Carefully Synchronized. One Remains In New York, And The Other Is Loaded On An Airliner That Travels At An Average Speed Of 250m/S And Then Returns To New York. When The Plane Returns, The Elapsed Time On The Clock That Stayed Behind Is 4.00h .

a) By how much will the reading of the two clocks differ? (Hint: Since u?c, you can simplify 1?u2/c2????????? by a binomial expansion.) This experiment has actually been performed, and the result agreed exactly with that predicted by relativity.

b) Which clock will show the shorter elapsed time?