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Things To Do Summer Before College

Before starting college, summer is a crucial time for a student.   It doesn’t matter if you graduated one month ago or two years ago. It would be best if you prepared yourself before entering your first year as a college student.

New college students should focus on several things before they go to experience new college life.

Prepare this as your to-do list or share it with your close classmate-to-be, and you will be on the way to having an awesome successful college life.

The following are the things to do summer before college

1. Visit your campus

Summer is the best time to visit your campus as the sun will shine bright, fountains will be on, and some students will be basking in the sun while reading books.

It would help if you visited your college campus before you joined it, and summer is the best time to do it.   Most of the campuses provide a guided tour from June to august.

When touring the college, familiarize yourself with the location of classrooms, the dining hall, and the campus as a whole.

2. Register for orientation

In some colleges, you will need to go in person for orientation; in others, you will automatically be registered.   But even if it is automatic, you will still need to attend orientations.

There are a lot of things you can learn from orientations, such as:

  • Class Registration
  • Clarifications on bill payments and financial information
  • Get to know student counselors and advisers.
  • Interacts with your fellow students.
  • A chance to clarify transcript issues and college credit transfer.

“it is incredibly important that first-year and transfer students participate in orientation so they can get proper academic advising and support with course registration to get their academic journey off to a good start,” said Ross.

3. Save money

It is no doubt college life can be expensive.   Some students try to spend their summer before college to earn and save money to cater for their school fees and living expenses.

You can also look for shops and restaurants around the college that offer discounts to students.   You can organize your schedule and look for a part-time job such as dog-walking, babysitting, or freelancing.

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4. Connect with your roommate and classmates

It is important to connect with your roommate, especially if you are opting for dorm life.

The crucial thing about contacting your roommate is that you will already have one friend before joining the college.

The more compact you are with your roommate before college starts, the easier and smoother your campus transition will be.   Being transparent and setting expectations with your roommate reduces the awkward beginning of campus life.

“The big benefit of reaching out to your future roommates before you get to campus is you will already have one friend when you arrive,” says Jerry Ross, associate vice president for enrollment management at Chico State.

  5. Register for classes

In Some classes, they will be mandatory, and you will be placed automatically, while in others, you will need to register them during orientations.   However, you need to register earlier to avoid a cluster- jam of classmates fighting for the best courses in a limited time.

You will also need to reach out to an academic advisor for advice on courses and classes that march your interest and credit requirements.

Every campus has rules and regulations on registering for the courses, so get to know your campus rules and follow them.

6. Join the campus social media and groups

Nowadays, everything is on social media, becoming a good platform to meet people.

As a freshman, you must join your campus social media and groups such as Facebook.   You need to search the school name you have applied to and join them.

Add the name of your campus on your profile on LinkedIn and Facebook, as it will enhance connections.

Try to use the necessary hashtags for your university when posting on Twitter and Instagram.   Some of the excited classmates will be able to find you and might as well follow.

7. Prepare for your classes

Preparing for your classes for the new semester is crucial for academic success.

Summertime can be the best time to organize yourself well and prepare for new classes to have a successful semester.

Attaining good grades should be on the list when preparing for the new semester.

You can use Google calendar to plan and organize your activities.   Google Calendar can help manage classwork, co-curriculum activities, and commitments and help you to maintain the balance between them. 

8. Prepare or update your resume

Prepare your resume to record all the accomplishments as they occur while in college.

It is more important to update your resume as an event occurs than to write it from the start after some years have passed.

Also, if you don’t have a LinkedIn account, you will need to create one as you may get summer internships or jobs.

9. Buy your classes textbooks

Summertime is the best time to buy the textbooks you will need for your classes.

Even though your campus bookstore may sell those textbooks, they may not always be cheap.   Reach your course instructor and request the required textbooks for the classes.

You can check the best deals for textbooks such as TextbooksRU and Amazon.

Buying your textbooks earlier will avoid your “out-of-stock” emails.

10. Practice cooking

When Joining College, you will need to be more independent than ever, and you are beginning a new chapter in your life, including cooking for yourself.

Summertime is the best time to start preparing yourself by learning new culinary techniques.

You can start making foods for your family at home, practice food prepping, and teach yourself how to shop at the grocery on a budget.

You can look for online recipes that you can prepare with affordable basics, such as quesadillas and ramen noodles.

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