The stresses and strains in metal forming are of which type? elastic O plastic ultimate O fracture none of these The applied stresses in most bulk deformation processes are shear tensile O compressive O bending none of these What is the difference between the physical shape of bulk deformation and sheet metalworking manufacturing processes? In bulk deformation, the work parts have a _ area-to-volume ratio, whereas in sheet metalworking, the area-to-volume ratio is O low, high O high , low O high, high O low, low _ is a bulk deformation process in which a workpiece is compressed between two opposing dies, so that the die shapes are imparted to the work O rolling O forging O drawing extrusions O none of these _ is a compression bulk deformation process in which the work material is forced to flow through a die orifice, thereby forcing its cross section to assume the profile of the orifice O forging extrusion O drawing O extending O rolling none of these is a bulk deformation process in which the diameter of a round wire is reduced by pulling it through a die opening of smaller diameter than the wire O forging O rolling O ring rolling O ring piercing O wire lifting extrusion none of these

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