The following exercises must be solved using the Python or C programming languages. The submitted code should be well documented through comments in the code or by other means. The code should be self-contained: the code should not depend on code or tools not included in a standard distribution of the programming language you have chosen. The documentation should also include information about how to compile (for C code) and execute the submitted code. We should be able to test the submitted code on a standard installation of C or Python. Assignment: Measuring vertical and horizontal length of hiking trips XYZ is well known for it’s hiking opportunities. You shall develop a program for calculating the total length and height of mountain hikes. The program shall provide a terminal where the user can input the (i) name of a trip/mountain, (ii) the length of the trip in kilometers, and (iii) the vertical climb of the trip in total. The program must accept multiple hikes to be registered. The program shall provide a report upon the input “END” that prints all the trips, as well as the combined length and height of the

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