Technology – Production Name. Folsot .Family name.. ALMOZYO…..Note… Exercise N1: A firm that assembles computers and computer equipments is about to start production of two types of microcomputers. Each type will require assembly time, inspection time, and storage space. The amounts of each of these resources that can be devoted to the production of the microcomputers are limited. The manager of the firm would like to determine the quantity of each microcomputer to produce in order to maximize the profit generated by sales of these microcomputers. The manager has the following information: Type 1 Type 2 Profit per unit 3 Assembly time per unit 2 hours 5 hours Inspection time per unit 3 hours 8 hour Storage space per unit 1 cubic feet 2 cubic feet The company resources are as follow: Resource Amount available Assembly time 124 hours 28 hours Inspection time 42 cubic feet Storage space Complete the following table and elaborate the associated mathematical formulation Assembly time Inspection time Storage 7 Space Profit per unit per unit per unit Type 1 Type 2 Exercise N2: Solve this problem by the geometric method Maximise Z=60 xy +50x Subject to 4x+10 x 5100 2 xq+x2S22 3x +3 x 539 X;20: x 20 1/2 Points of the first line 4x +10 x2=100 Points of the first line 2 x + x2=22 Points of the first line 3x +3 X2=39 20+ 10+ (0:0) 10 A(11:0) 20 Intersection between 4x +10 X2=100 and 3x +3 X2=39 Intersection between 2 x + X2=22 and 3×2+3 x2=39 ZO= ZA= ZB ZC- ZD. The optimal solution is the point

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