sin x = 1 – 31 571 + From Numerical Methods for Engineers (Chapra) Q1 ) Determine the number of terms necessary to approximate sin x to 8 significant figures using the Maclaurin series approximation x35x? 91 b) Calculate the approximation using a value of x = 0.311 Q2 Convert the following base-2 numbers to base-10: a) 1001001 b) 111100101 Q3 Evaluate the polynomial y = x – 7x* + 8x – 0.35 1 = 1.567. Use 3-digit arithmetic with chopping. Evaluate the percent relative b) Repeat (a) but express y as y = ((x-7)x+8)x -0.35 errur From Richard burden and Douglas Faires Q4. Let f(x) = xe a. Find the second Taylor polynomial Ps(X) about Xo = 0, b. Find R (0.5) and the actual error in using P/(0.5) to approximate R0.5). c. Repeat part (a) using Xo = 1 d. Repeat pant (b) using the polynomial from part (c)

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