QUESTION ONE 1. A toroid has a core of cross section 2500 mm 2 in area and a mean diameter of 250 mm as seen in Fig.1. The core material is of relative permeability 1000 In – 10quan. 10m−10m . 1m−(100m 2 ) a few representative turns or wire L= H. Ho 2 M ​ Fig. 1Toroidal coil 1.1. Calculate the number of turns required to obtain an inductance of 1H . [3 MARKS] 1.2. With the number of turns found in 1.1 , calculate the Magnetic flux intensity H and Magnetic flux density B if a current of 1 A is fed in. [3 MARKS] 1.3. What will be the hysteresis power loss for a 50 Hz excitation current on a material with a hysteresis constant Kh of 0.040 . [2 MARKS] 1.4. Estimate the Power lost due to eddy currents if the toroid is laminated into sheets of 0.2 mm . Take Ke 0.0003 [2 MARKS ] = 1.5. Find the total energy stored in the circuit [3 MARKS] 1.6. How wold you modify the circuit to reduce on hysteresis losses [2 MARK] ;

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