Question One • Develop a digital and social marketing communications plan using communications channels for your hypothetical business. Question Two • Is social media right for your hypothetical business? If not, why is social media not right for your business? Question Three • How would you modify the messaging specific to digital/social media and personal selling? Provide an example to illustrate this point.

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My mobile hair salon will utilize Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Instagram mostly ideal for promoting my business especially in the hair industry.

  • Offer promotions exclusive to social media

Offering my followers limited-time special deals over Lux Mobile Hair Salon social channels for their next appointment. I could post a ‘secret’ word or phrase that clients can mention when we come to them for their appointment to save a few dollars on their visit. Instagram- Gave potential clients the instagram stories of behind the scene looks of how Lux operates.

  • Selfie-Bar- Once we are finish with a client, we will take pictures for all social media using our hashtag to promote our mobile salon. Especially features latest hairstyles and showing off our skills as mobile stylists.
  • Giveaways/ Contests-The offer of a free haircut, style or a gift basket of sample products is enough to get people excited and talking about the salon.


My social media of choice is Instagram and YouTube. It is simple to use and it allows me to keep up with the latest industry trends, be inspired with creativity whilst keeping an eye on my competition. 96% of beauty brands are already using Instagram and that 42% of US consumers decide where to spend their money because of social media. Answer.3-

Instagram, like any site, you can’t simply post products. It’s all about engaging with the community, presenting products in fun and interesting ways, and offering a collection of images and posts that appeal to the lifestyle of your end-user.