Question 2[30 marks] 1. List five (main) advantages and disadvantages of a centrifugal pump. 2. It is required to pump cooling water from a storage pond to a condenser in a process plant situated 10 in above the level of the pond. 200 m of 74.2 mm i.d. pipe is available, and the pump has the characteristics given below. The head lost in the condenser is equivalent to 16 velocity heads based on the flow in the 74,2 mm pipe. If the friction factor ø=0.003 , estimate the rate of flow and the power to be supplied to the pump assuming an efficiency of 50 per cent. (20) Hint: The following formulae may assist Head losses: major losses + minor losses H L ​ =4f D L ​ g v 2 ​ +8 g v 2 ​ Reynolds number: R e ​ = μ ρνD ​

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1 ans:- Centrifugal Pump – Advantage & Disadvantage

Small in size, space saving & less capital costs.

Easy for maintenance.

No danger creates if discharge v/v is closed while starting.

Deal with large volume.

Able to work medium to low head.

Able to work medium to low viscous fluid.

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