Q1.Suppose Tata Motorcycle, an Indian motorcycle producer is planning to export its products to the Malaysian market. Please discuss what factors in the Malaysian market will influence to what extent Tata will modify its motorcycles.

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Q2, Assess the prospects for driverless cars. Once the technology is perfected, which obstacles will Waymo have to overcome before automonous mobility becomes widely adopted?


1. The economic factors or attributes that affect much of the marketing of any product or service within the domestic market in any country, also broadly apply to the international export markets or the respective markets in various other countries. In this context, some of these main factors or attributes generally include the consumer or buyer tastes and preferences in other importing countries concerning the particular products or services that are being traded, the level of competition pertaining to the market for those goods and services in other countries, the additional needs and expectations of the foreign consumers or buyers regarding the concerned products and services such as specific product or service features and charcteristics, other infrastructural and practical aspects or factors that might influence the consumption or purchase decisions of the consumers or buyers in other countries, and so on. Therefore, as the Indian motorcycle company Tata Motorcyle plans to export its products to the Malaysian market, the company management or administration has to be particularly mindful of these relevant decisive factors or considerations. First, the company has to gain a comprehensive and thorough information and data about the ongoing consumer tastes and preferences regarding various motorcycle models in the Maysian market and the factors or components that evidently influence them. In this regard, it is imperative to be informed about the particular motorcycle types and models that are most popular among the Malaysian consumers in general and the particular criteria or parameters that influence these preferences such as the color of the respective popular models, model design and structure, external look and appearance of the models, the overall comfort of riding, engine and mileage capacity, the level of safety measures installed in the models, etc. Furthermore, it is also essential for the company to collect relevant data and information on the additional model features and characteristics that the consumers or buyers in the Maysian motorcycle market might be looking for such as the the availability of pre-installed GPS navigation system, tyre condition and capacity of the respective models, the comfort and safety level of the backseat commuters, condition of the rear-view mirror, and so forth. Hence, the company management should undertake a thorough and extensive consumer research study and evaluation to clearly and comprehensively understand the present consumer preferences and expectations regarding motorcycles in the Malaysian market and the factors or parameters that influence them prior to the formal commercial launch of its products in the market. Additionally, the level of competition in the Malaysian motorcyle market is also another important consideration which might affect the product specification of the company, in this case. In this regard, the company management needs to undertake a detailed market research or SWOT analysis particularly emphasizing on the extent of market threat and the motorcyle types and models that are most widely sold by other companies or manufacturers in the Malaysian market. This would particularly provide an overview of the availability of product substitutability and the overall level of market competition or rivalry enabling the management to modify their motorcycle models accordingly that would appropriately fit the Malysian market and avoid or minimize the risk of market competition and higher product substitutability. The management also needs to be aware of the other infrastructural and practical considerations that would potentially increase the saleability of its products in the Malaysian market by modifying and redesigning the motorcyle models accordingly. Some of these concerning elements include the road conditions in Malaysia, the level of traffic in Maysian roads, the mathematical dimension of the roads which determines the overall road safety pertaining to any vehicle, and so on. Therefore, these aspects can influence the technical features and characteristics and safety precautions of the motorcycles that Tata considers exporting to the Malysian market.

2. As considered by many scientists and car manufacturers and designers, driverless cars would improve the overall driving condition and convenience for many car owners across the world from many different standpoints. However, for autonomous driving technology development companies such as Waymo LLC, it is imperative that all the necessary and required conditions are satisfactorily fulfilled prior to the widespread commercial acceptability of the autonomous mobility or driving services. The advanced and dynamic technical equipment, features, and sensor system required to make driverless or autonomous driving fully functional is considerably expensive. Even prior to the installation of the required technological system and Artificial Intelligence(AI) system, it is extremely essential to undertake necessary research and development(R & D) to identy the most appropriate and efficient raw materials and equipment to ensure the functionality of the entire system and this whole process is significantly expensive. Therefore, the company has to essentially come up with appropriate commercial strategy/s to control or minimize the relatively high manufacturing or making cost and R & D expenses to make the new technology more profitable and commercially viable. Furthermore, even if the company management claims that driverless driving has been widely tested in many of its testing markets mostly in Arizona, the autonomous driving technology hasn’t been allegedly tested in various unusual and challenging circumstances or road conditions such as slippery and convoluted roads, extreme weather conditions, heavily populated roads, and extreme traffic situations. Hence, much of its efficacy and effectiveness in most of the unsuaually challenging driving conditions has been unknown and untested yet and the company needs to ensure the safety of the new technology in all possible driving conditions and circumstances before its large-scale commercial implementation. The sensor and the AI system which would expectedly detect any possible obstacles in the road such as traffic signals, potholes and bumpers in the roads, humans or pedestrians crossing the road, etc. also need to be fully and satisfactorily tested prior to the widespread introduction of the concept of autonomous driving as pointed out by many of its critics. Thus, this is also another matter of concern that the company management needs to adequately address and explain to ascertain the overall safety of the overall system or technology.