Q-1 What are the challenges being faced by Imtiaz supermarket?

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Q-1 What are the challenges being faced by Imtiaz supermarket?

Q-2 Did these challenges effect customer satisfaction? Explain how with examples

Q-3 What could be possible solutions for these challenges? What do you recommend being an entrepreneur?

Q-4 what sort of benefits would it bring to Imtiaz Super Market?



Imtiaz Super Market operates with a chain of supermarkets across Pakistan. The largest part of their business comes from the middle-income group. However, due to an economic pricing strategy, their products are affordable for everyone. Disappointed customers appreciate the breadth of quality brands they can choose from, while others enjoy the shopping experience.
But in recent years, it has gone through several challenges.
• Stocks from highly demanding products: Sometimes highly demanding products run out of stock which creates problems for customers.
• Difficulty navigating products in the store: They do not have a proper indication for customers. People are searching for different products and they get fed up after a certain time if they do not find the product of their choice.
• Long waiting lines: They do not have enough check counters. People are waiting in very long lines to get their product bills. There are issues like this
• Lack of walking space: Customers have problems running their trolleys, resulting in frustration among customers. Lack of space between shelves that results in a crowded area creates a negative experience for customers when purchasing products.
• In recent years, Imtiaz Group has achieved growth through an aggressive strategy to open new stores. Supermarket sales are a major driver for sales of Imtiaz. This led to the burdening at the company’s warehouses leading to poor inventory visibility. The supermarket retailer had limited data that compromised its decision making.
• As an expanding business they needed a modern IT platform that could strengthen their retail and warehousing operations and boost the planned pace of development.
• Imtiaz Group had previously invested in retail software from a local company, but the system failed to reduce its retail and warehousing operational needs. Inaccurate visuals of inventory in their warehouses and ill-planned changes in inventories and transactions were a significant concern.
• In the supermarket scenario, it was necessary to locate the pilgrimage to see the item of inventory which was a vegetarian act. Stock data were being stored at various locations for the continued discrepancy in stock levels.
• The company wanted to leverage the latest retail technology to provide its customers with the most efficient and streamlined purchasing experience with a focus on fast, effective, and efficient service for each customer. To overcome this challenge, Imtiaz also needs an integrated solution that would facilitate control of their stores and showrooms.