precalculus 7th edition


Throughout the text, we now present solutions to many examples from multiple
perspectives—algebraically, graphically, and numerically. The side-by-side
format of this pedagogical feature helps students to see that a problem can be
solved in more than one way and to see that different methods yield the same
result. The side-by-side format also addresses many different learning styles

Author: David C Falvo Robert Hostetler Ron Larson Robert P Hostetler

ISBN: 0618643443


This market-leading text continues to provide both students and instructors with sound, consistently structured explanations of the mathematical concepts. Designed for a one- or two-term course that prepares students to study calculus, the new Seventh Edition retains the features that have made Precalculus a complete solution for both students and instructors: interesting applications, cutting-edge design, and innovative technology combined with an abundance of carefully written exercises.