calculus early transcendentals 8th edition



The book covers numerous concepts of Calculus like functions and limits, differentiation, integration with application, differential equations, polar coordinates, vector calculus, sequence and series, and many more. The topics in the text are presented over 1,193 pages of instruction and are in such an order that the reader can follow the sequence of the chapters seamlessly.

Author: james stewart

ISBN: 9781285740621

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Calculus 8th Edition is a great resource for students. It helps aid better understanding of the field of Calculus – both in terms of practical utility and theoretical aspects. This book provides the logic of using the concepts of calculus in daily life as well as in computations of calculus problems. Further, the text helps in developing technical competence by emphasizing the understanding of concepts by explaining the topics geometrically, numerically and algebraically.

This book does not require a prerequisite knowledge of the concepts of Calculus. All the basic and advanced ideas and concepts are discussed in a way that any active learner can follow the instruction text.