Business law Text and Cases

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In the 13th edition of Business Law: Text and Cases, the authors, Kenneth W. Clarkson et al., provide a fresh perspective on a traditional subject. Students will benefit from the updated and concise presentation style. The authors cover of a wide breadth of material related to business and corporate law. They effortlessly integrate classical legal concepts with an innovative, modern approach using examples from everyday life. This text raises the standards of excellence for both teachers as well as students

Author: Kenneth W. Clarkson, Roger LeRoy Miller,Frank B. Cross

ISBN: 1285185242

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By challenging learners to apply practical solutions to realistic situations, students can prepare for entry into a fast-paced and information-driven economy. Business Legal Studies The pedagogical methods used in the 13th edition cover essential topics while laying the groundwork for future studies. The new layout is designed to simplify concepts and make the legal principles accessible to the student. Through numerous examples, which are designed to pique interest and stimulate curiosity, the authors impart an elegant view of the subject matter. Teachers can benefit from the additional materials provided to enhance the learning environment, increase critical thought and stimulate classroom discussions. Learning Business Law The foundation concepts are slowly elaborated in this masterful edition. The updated material reflects current events, which keeps a sense of relevance and timeliness while engaging classical formulas. Additional sections were added to expand on current trends in ethics, global governance and corporate cultural changes. The material touches on historical court rulings as well as contemporary interpretations of key concepts that build on legal precedence. The current legal environment is integrated into this edition, so students can apply the principles of business law to the most pressing issues facing the modern professional. The text is written with a user-friendly approach in mind, and this reduces confusion while keeping the material relevant. Numerous cases are used throughout the text to highlight key concepts. The authors carefully discuss each concept, so it can be understood by students who approach the subject at different levels.