PROBLEM SOLVING:A property of 1 hectare light foliage lot with 368 trees (diameter ranges from 200 to 250 mm) is donated to the Municipality of Sto. Tomas for the construction of the proposed new Municipal Hall and Multi-purpose Covered Court. Three hundred trees will be cut down to accommodate the structures while the rest will remain for aesthetic and perimeter fencing (boundary) purposes. The foliage undergrowth must be cleared so that it will not be a habitat for mosquitoes and wild animals. Fifteen (15) laborers were employed for the activity with a salary of 350 per day and 4 Stihl Chainsaw Ms 070 of 2-man gang @ P18,500.00 each for free cutting. The work started March 4, 2021 and ended April 2, 2021. No Saturday and Sunday works. The common excavation will generate a volume of 760 cu.m. While the actual structure excavation will generate an additional excavation of 350 cu.m. There are 2 D6 Bulldozers rented for excavation.

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Determine the following: (show complete solution with appropriate explanation if necessary, then highlight final answer)
1) For ACITIVITY-CLEARING AND GRUBBING (Removal of trees and foliage undergrowth), determine the total duration
20 For ACTIVITY-CLEARING AND GRUBBING (Removal of trees and foliage undergrowth), determine the total cost
3) For ACTIVITY-EXCAVATION, determine the total duration


Area = 1 hectare

No of trees -= 358

No of trees to be cut = 300

Work done from March 4 2021 to April 2 2021 excluding Saturday, Sunday. This becomes 23 days period.

No of labourers employed = 15 , 340/day.

So, total labour cost for 23 days= 15*340 * 23 = 117300

Chain Saw cost per 2 persons = 18000 * 2 = 36000

Chain saw cost for 300 trees = 3600*300 = 10800000.

So, total cost would be = 117300 + 10800000 = 10917300.

The amount of work done ( the area covered by one person ) is not clearly mentioned and so it is considered that all the labourers are paid 340 for all the 23 days.