Problem 1 A spur pinion gear of 120 mm diameter is required to transmit a power of 5 kW to a spur gear, with both gears having a pressure angle of 20 .. Given that the pinion rotates in the anticlockwise direction at 200 rpm, and that the velocity ratio for the two gears is 2.50, determine the forces on each of the gears, and show on a free body diagram? 40 teeth с 50 teeth A Problem 2 The spur gear arrangement shown has a pinion (driver Gear A) that rotates at 625 rpm, an idler Gear B and a driven gear (Gear C). The gears have a module of 5 mm and a pressure angle of 200. Given the number of teeth as shown in Figure 2.4, determine: i) The pitch diameters of each of the gears. ii) The torque that each shaft is required to transmit. iii) The forces on each of the gears, shown on a free body diagram. iv) The resultant force on the shaft carrying Gear B. -90 B 70 teeth С Problem 3 Based on the gear arrangement shown, and for an input power of 4.25 kW, determine the forces on each of the gears assuming that the pressure angle is 200, and show these on a free body diagram. B

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Solution :


Dp = 120 mm

Np = 200 rpm ( anticlockwise )

P= 5 KW

i = 2.5

∅ = 20°

For more details follow image .