ply the following procedure for solving ALL the TMA problems A. Read and analyze the problem statement. B. Formulate the algorithm using pseudocode and assume any required missed data reasonably. C. Write a C\# application. D. Test, debug and execute the C\# application. E. Run each problem twice with different data sets. F. Copy and paste your code from Visual Studio to the Answer Booklet (don’t put your code as a screenshot). G. Provide Screenshots for both the input and output of each data set. H. Your TMA Answer Booklet should be structured as follows: 1. Problem \# 1 GPA Calculator: 1.1 Algorithm pseudocode 1.2 Complete problem’s application code (Copied) 1.3 Experiment number 1 (Screenshots of both input and output) 1.4 Experiment number 2 (Screenshots of both input and output) 2. Problem \# 2 Fat Percentage Calculator: 2.1 Algorithm pseudocode 2.2 Complete problem’s application code (Copied) 2.3 Experiment number 1 (Screenshots of both input and output) 2.4 Experiment number 2 (Screenshots of both input and output) Develop a C\# application that allows the user to calculate the fat of his daily food. The user should enter: – The total number of calories for a food item – The number of fat grams in that food item Accordingly, the application will calculate and display: – The number of calories from fat – The percentage of calories that come from fat Additionally, the applications categorizes if the food is considered low fat, normal fat, or high fat as the following rule. – If the calories from fat are less than

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