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Given the following wheel loads as shown, determine the following
a. Maximum support reaction at B
b. Maximum support reaction at D
c. Maximum shearing force
d. Maximum bending moment

10 KN 20 kN 40 KN 1.5m 3.0m A B с D

10 KN 20 kN 40 KN 1.5m 3.0m A B с D


TO KN 20KN 40KN А 9.B lofthence lines will be, Reaction atB lo А A D Reaction at D А A c Moment at 3 Moment at U А A 1

by using influence line diagram,

1) maximum support reaction at B= 10×1=10 kN

2) maximum support reaction at D = 1×40 = 40 kN

3) maximum shear force= support reaction at D= 40 kN

4) maximum bending moment at B=0

Maximum bending moment at D=0 ( here wheel loads are fixed in supports B,C and D . That’s why moment becomes zero.

Note: if the wheel loads are moving

For maximum support reaction at B is obtained by placing 40kN at B.

For rection D place 40 kN at D

Like that we want adjust the load,

Problem I have done like this because span lengths are not fully given.