In Essay format: What was the most important scientific breakthrough of the past 300 years? Explain the science behind it and how we still feel its effects today. Note – Minimum word requirement is 200 words Requirements • Must be typed handwritten answers will be rejected and result in an immediate decline of your application • Between 200 – 500 words • Must be free of plagiarism • Proper grammar and no spelling mistakes • Failing to meet our quality standards will result in rejected applications At least one example of correct use of all of the following • Commas • Colons • Semicolons • Exclamations • Quote Marks • Apostrophes • Parentheses • Dashes • Hyphens Citation in APA format (at least one resource)

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The five greatest scientific discoveries and inventions ever

1 – DNA.

2 – The Internet.

3 – Antibiotics.

4 – Medical imaging. …

5 – Artificial Intelligence

For history up till now, I’m going with germ theory. there is so much involving health care, sanitation, agriculture, vaccines, and antibiotics that arose from our understanding of microbes

For the future, I’ll go with DNA and genetics. We have just scratched the surface of its potential and it will change life as we know it in the future.

The semiconductor computer chip. Computers are everywhere in our modern lives, cell phones, calculators, smart-TV, and communication systems just to list some of the technology and effects.

The realisation that the scientific method, which is almost antithetical to most human desires, is actually the best way to acquire actionable, reliable, trustworthy knowledge about the Universe around us. An important survival skill.

The great thing about this breakthrough is you do not need to believe me. You are free to try it out and discover for yourself!

Fair warning though: It is a hard often disappointing road to travel compared to putting on your rose-tinted goggles, chewing on your favorite addiction, with your head in the sand and you arse in air, offered up as sacrifice to whomever currently wants you to vote for them.