i. Project Fili: an X-ray telescope (λ≈0.1−1 nm) in Antarctica for studying black holes. ii. Project Kili: a visible-light telescope (λ≈400−700 nm) in Hawai’i for studying galaxy formation.

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Imagine that you are in charge of allocating funding from the national science foundations to build one or more proposed observations. For each of the pair below determine which one would be better to fund and clearly explain your reasoning.


Its better to fund the project kili.

Project Kili involves setting up a visible telescope in Hawaii. This project would be possible because visible telescopes are ground based telescopes and thus, would detect the light within visible range of em spectrum. The another factor is the location where the telescope is based and therefore, Hawaii which is at high altitude of about 4205 m above sea level would be perfect for setting up a telescope because observatory at high altitude faces less Atmospheric distortions.

Project Fili involves setting up an x-ray telescope in Antartica. This project would be not much successful because x ray telescopes don’t work efficiently on earth’s surface as x rays from black holes would blocked by the atmosphere of earth and cannot reach the surface. X ray telescopes are, therefore, set up in space or placed in orbits above the atmosphere of earth.