HS Physics 3. (a) Distinguish between mass and weight. [2] (b) An object of mass 4.9 kg is suspended by a rope A that is fixed at point P. The object is pulled to one side and held in equilibrium by a second rope B, as shown in Fig. 2.1. rope A O rope B Fig.2.1 Rope A is at an angle to the horizontal and rope B is horizontal. The tension in rope A is 69N and the tension in rope B is T. Sketch Fig. 2.1 and draw arrows to represent the directions of all the forces acting on object O. 121 (11) Calculate 1. the horizontal and vertical components of the tension in rope A [2] 2. the tension T. (1) 3. angle (2) HS Physics Projectile Motion and Forces Minor Assessment V-u a = t v=d/t = {(u+vt v2 = u2 + 2as Fnet = ma s = ut + zat? S = vt – SE

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3.(a)The mass of an object is a measure of the object’s inertial property, or the amount of matter it contains. The weight of an object is a measure of the force exerted on the object by gravity.