How you can make money as a student while in college.

How you can make money as a student while in college.

Its true students can make money while in college. What limits them is internal rather than external.

Some even make excuses such as “I have no time” or “I don’t know what to do.”

Today, I will show you how you can make money while you are a student in college and live a debt-free life.

1. Create a website or a blog

As a college student, you can create a blog or a website and start making money online.

This is online writing that is home-based. You need to get a domain and Webhosting.

Select a niche that you would like to be writing about so that you can reach the right audiences. Be consistent with your writing and with effort and time. You will be on your way to six figure income.

2. Be a freelance writer.

If you are a fast writer, you can make money online by just freelancing writing. There are various ways to start freelance writing, for instance, writing blogs for another blogger.

Besides writing blogs, you can become a writer for many businesses that are looking for various writers. Some businesses are seeking a technical writer, general content writer, and organizing brochures.

Proofreading has become a very common job now. As a college student, you can proofread websites, authors, and blogs, and the good thing is you can do it anywhere, anytime, according to your schedule.

3. Become a virtual assistant.

You can make money online by becoming a virtual assistant as a college student.

Many businesses are looking for people who can help them with “assistant-type” work. This work includes researching the business, responding to emails, taking care of basic writing for the business, and many more.

Start looking for businesses and companies that are outsourcing virtual assistants and apply. You could be in the way of a hundred dollars per month which is good money while you are still a college student.

4. Do design work online.

If you are talented at designing, an artist, and conversant in graphic design, start doing it online.

You can start designing for other people’s businesses and websites as a college student.

You can design their logo, advertisement graphics, and any other design they may need. This will enhance your skill and earn money while you are still a college student.

5. Create YouTube videos

If you are passionate about creating videos, this is another way to make money while you are still a college student.

 Normally YouTube pays depending on the advertisement that appears on your videos. That means that the more your videos are being watched, the more, the more ads appear, and the more you will earn some money.

6. Apply for a transcription job

As a college student, you can earn through listening and typing, especially if you are a fast typer.

Many companies are outsourcing people who can listen to audio and put it into text.

For instance, podcasters like their episodes transcribed into writing to upload them online.

7. Create an app

As a college student who has some skills and knowledge in programming, I can create an Android app or iPhone app for people to purchase from its in-app store.

Many people have succeeded in creating common apps and games. 

You need to find a need in the market and try to solve a societal problem.

8. Become a voice–over artist

If you know you have an amazing voice, you can set up a simple microphone in your room, and you will be paid by doing a voice-over for businesses and other people that may need your service.

This work is becoming popular due to the increase of podcasts and videos. As a college student, you can take a chance and start earning some money.

9. Sell your class notes.

As a college student, you may not know there is some stuff you can sell and make some extra cash.

You can sell your college notes that you took in class. Most major campuses have note-selling or note-taking services. For instance, the University of California has lecture notes that pay note-takers and get paid by note buyers.

Many students make thousands of dollars just by selling their notes

10. Sell your essays.

Besides selling your notes, you can sell your essays and assignment that you have done in class.

Some websites will buy your assignment and essays; if you have written several of them, this could earn you some income.

11. Sell your textbooks

After you are through with the class that semester, you can sell the textbooks you have been using and earn back some money that you have used on textbooks.

12. Answer questions to other students

If you are an expert in certain subject matter, you can get paid by answering pressing questions from other students. Some sites connect experts and students, and you will pay by answering their questions.

This is a good way to help other students and get paid simultaneously

13. .Become a computer repairer

If you have skills in repairing computers or other electronics, start doing it immediately, and you will make some extra coins.

This involves checking out software and checking viruses

14. Become a tutor

If you are an expert at a particular class, you can start helping others that are not experts in it.

Some sites offer tutoring services; as a college student, you may consider registering, and you will find a client

15. Start modeling

Modeling is another way to start earning money while still in college.

If you need to be modeling, first you need to register with an agency, and they will be paying you every day per shoot.

The best way to start this business is to use social media such as Instagram to showcase your work and let them access your portfolio.


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