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The world of business and technology has undoubtedly changed drastically due to Social Media influence. The revolution in Cell Phone ownership globally and the uses has played a major role in how people view the world of business and technology. In the USA, only 53 percent of Americans were having a cell phone while 62 percent were having computers in the year 2000. Just within a span of 14 years, i.e by 2014, almost 90 percent of Americans were having the Cell Phone ownership.

Apple launched its first smartphone in 2007, and HTC in 2008, the online experience on the mobile got a better push indeed. Apple debuted the App Store in 2008, and things have changed when Google released Android Market. Now, Apple and Android stores offer millions of apps to choose from, which allows users to customize their devices in a way they could not have done before.

The famous social media platforms like Facebook, We Chat, Snap Chat, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc offer the people to know the technology of the product just on their finger. Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Twitter Marketing, etc allows the user to start their own business. E-Commerce platform like Amazon , AliBaba, eBay, Zalando, Groupon , etc offers the platform to the companies to sell their products online wherein the technological details are mentioned conspicuously in the form of images and videos as well.

Sometimes, people who like to purchase the products from the stores only by visiting physically get first-hand details from the social media about the ratings of the product, description of the quality, user experiences,after-sales service, and technological information. On the various apps, the user can compare the technological details about the product before reaching out to the final decision. The companies also receive factual and detailed feedback on the user experience and complaints directly which help them in shaping out their product improvement , services, and marketing strategies.

So this way we can understand that Social Media has changed the World Of Business and Technology.