Given the following structure that represents the building block of a binary tree. const int MAX_CHILD=2; struct Node\{ int index; int data; int child_count; int children[MAX_CHILD]; int color; // -1(uncolored), 1(White), 0 (Black) int bf; // balance factor fi: Write complete C program to do the following: 1. Implement a function to create two hinary search trees (RST) from a file already arranged to include BST. Use the following file (as an example) to construct each tree. 6 (count of nodes in tree) Index/data/count_child/ child0…/ initial-color 2. Implement an iterative function that returns the closest value in the constructed BST to an external double value. For example the closest value to the double value =13.67 is 14 . 3. Implement a function that computes the height of any given tree. 4. Implement a function that stores the balance factor (bf) for each node in any given tree. 5. Implement a function that takes two binary search trees as parameters. Your function should merge them using the following property: if two nodes are overlapped, then you should sum them in a new node, otherwise you should use the none NULL node as is. 6. You should test all functions in main.

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