Find any example of a real project with a real project manager. Feel free to use projects in the media (such as the Olympics, television shows, or movies) or a project from your work, if applicable. Write a paper describing the project in terms of its scope, time, and cost goals. Also, describe other impacts on a project, such as quality, resources, and risks. Discuss what went right and wrong on the project and the role of the project manager and sponsor. Also describe whether the project was a success, and why. Include at least one reference and cite it on the last page.

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Let’s consider the Beijing Capital Airport Terminal Area Expansion Project as an example. The main objective of the project is to increase the capability of the airport both by increasing the number of Runway terminals and by increasing the number of the planes in the airport and to increase the volume of the cargo.

Summarize the project in terms of the Triple Constraint (Scope, Time and Budget):

Project scope:

This project includes mainly based on the following nine items, they are as follows:

• Three new constructions for boarding and takeoff terminals for national and international purpose. This required 240,000 square meters.

• New construction of cargo terminal for goods and luggage transport, which required 120,000 square meters

• New construction for airport operation chamber

• New constructions for staff quarters

• Construction of infield roads and connected roads

• Procurement of transport vehicles for luggage

• Construction of parking lot for passenger’s vehicles, required 170,000 square meters.

• Installation of supplies, sewage, and maintenance

Project Scope Statements Includes List of contractors, List of new constructions, extension of the runways, maintenance teams in different fields.

Project cost:

The estimated cost of the project is around 14.93 million Yuan’s. 12.33 million Yuan’s from local currency and 2.6 millions from foreign currency.

Project time schedule:

The estimate Time of the project is 81 months which means 6 years and 9 months i.e. from January 1994 to October 1999.

What Went Wrong?

• Underestimation the number of passengers that this airport will support in the following years

• Underestimation the number of airplanes that this airport will support in the following years

• Underestimation of time and cost of the project

Success or failure?

Beijing Capital Airport Terminal Area Expansion Project was a success after all the struggle of the project manager.


The Estimated cost of the Beijing Capital Airport Terminal Area Expansion Project is 14.93 Yuan’s, but the project’s actual cost was landed around 3times more than the estimated cost which is around 43 million Yuan’s.

The project manager played an important role in the project. He tackled every obstacle that came in the way to success very tactically.