Ecological balance is the equilibrium between living organisms such as human, animals, plants and environment. Explain how this ecological balance is disturbed by natural disasters like floods, tornadoes, cyclones, wildfire etc. Also, what steps do you think need to be taken for maintaining a balance in the ecosystem? (500 words)

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There is a relation between ecological balance and natural disasters.

Natural disasters had a negative impact on ecological balance.

Natural disasters lead to the collapse of humans animals and environment.

It destructs the relation between human beings with environment and animals.

Natural disasters leads to destruction before and also after.

The experience result and outcome of a natural researcher is really harmful for the ecosystem

Firstly when a natural disaster occurs it destructs all the trees buildings life of human beings and animals.

This leads to the scarcity of food for organisms and also shelter for human beings also.

And for recovering the shelter human beings will cost even more trees furniture and construction purposes.

The first step is to protect the eco system and maintaining ecological balance used to save the natural resources we have.

Preventing measures need to be taken to face the natural disasters and reduce the impact.

There will be no certain ways to prevent technological violence from natural disasters because natural disasters cannot be prevented by any artificial things.