Double Transposition Due 18 November 2022 00:59 Instructions you are required to write a small program to do Double Transposition encryption. the program will ask if I want to encrypt or decrypt if encrypt it will ask for the plain text and the key and produce a cipher text if decrypt, the program will ask for the cipher text and key and produce the plain text . the key and the message can be entered by the user (during the run ) ∗∗ NOT hard coded what to submit one PDF or MSWORD file with the code and comments in the code 1. showing the run for the code, the encrypt, the decrypt. 1. try to encrypt a plain text that has redundant letters in them ( such as ; good, hood, sweet, attention …) and a. show if the cipher text is showing any clear parts of the plain text that the encryption did not hide it correctly b. add padding to the plain text ( some random characters) and show the result c. did the process in step b added any new security? why yes? why not?

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