Do you agree with the assessment that Elon Musk and Tesla successfully fulfilled their first master plan published in 2006? Why or why not? Buttress your arguments.

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  1. Do you agree with the assessment that Elon Musk and Tesla successfully fulfilled their first master plan published in 2006? Why or why not? Buttress your arguments.
  2. As of today, does Tesla have a good strategy? Why or why not? How do you know?
  3. Describe the rationale behind Tesla’s new master plan. How does this new strategy help Tesla fulfill its vision? “Master Plan, Part Deux” in its entirety is on Tesla’s blog:
  4. Apply the three-step process for crafting a good strategy outlined in the chapter (diagnose the competitive challenge, derive a guiding policy, and implement a set of coherent actions) to each element of the new master plan. On which steps of the new master plan has Tesla made the most progress? Explain. Also, which recommendations would you have for Elon Musk? Support your arguments with examples and observations.


Musk’s unique plan for Tesla was to assemble a sportscar, and moderate vehicle, and electric force age. They’ve done precisely this. Their sportiest vehicle is the Roadster model, professed to be the fastest vehicle on the planet.In any case, it was ended. Tesla’s Model 3 beginnings at $35,000 making it a very moderate vehicle. Estimated inside a similar range as different brands, for example, Chevrolet or Toyota. Tesla additionally offers sun based boards or rooftops to its clients. Taking into account the electric force age. So truly, the appraisal is directly in saying that Tesla has satisfied their all-inclusive strategy.

Tesla appears to have a good strategy for itself. They’re accomplishing more than other vehicle organizations in the market. They’re not constraining themselves, rather they’re offering more to their clients. Tesla comprehends that not every person can manage the cost of a $100,000 vehicle, so they’re altering their value range and bringing it down to a value clients can legitimize spending. That as well as they need to ensure their clients are getting in probably the most secure vehicle out and about. What’s more, they’re not halting there, Tesla is offering an elective vitality maker to support clients and the planet. By making more an incentive for their clients, they’re putting themselves at the top with the upper hand.

Elon Musk discusses needing to “accomplish a sustainable energy economy” so that there will be a future on this planet. Since let’s be honest, non-renewable energy sources are non-inexhaustible assets and in the end, we will run out. This helps while depicting Tesla’s all-inclusive strategy in light of the fact that each objective on it is another approach to accomplish that supportability. Putting away sun based vitality to be utilized for later utilize implies less carbon monoxide from the consuming of non-renewable energy sources in the environment. This causes Tesla to accomplish its objective of reasonable vitality. By extending its electric vehicle product offering, Tesla can take into account more clients. Implying that in the event that they have what individuals need they’ll get it. Somebody who is looking for a truck won’t take a gander at a Tesla vendor on the off chance that they don’t sell trucks. By giving more vitality proficient vehicles, Tesla is again accomplishing a practical vitality economy.

The step that Tesla has gained the most ground on would be simply the Autonomy of the vehicles being driving. They appear to have sound activities for acquiring this objective in their groundbreaking strategy. They’re refreshing and dealing with the product each and every day. Indeed, even without the administrative endorsement expected to completely convey autopilot in their vehicles, Tesla keeps on taking a shot at it. By actualizing a beta into its vehicles, clients will have the option to some degree experience the genuine article. Tesla is expecting to make more secure driving for individuals, and they accept this to be able through autopilot. With the innovation accessible ahead of schedule to clients, there is the plausibility of the market for electric vehicles will extend. Furthermore, different organizations will see this as well. Tesla is keeping themselves, ideally, one stage in front of the others.

My recommendation for Elon Musk proceeds with the usage of his end-all strategy. Manageable vitality is imperative to create and execute on the off chance that we anticipate that our planet should live quite a while. We need to consider what’s to come. You can see it now with a worldwide temperature alteration that there’s an issue that should be settled. Non-renewable energy sources are not just a wellspring of vitality we’re coming up short on, but at the same time, they’re destructive to the environment. Tesla isn’t an organization that is based on discharging extravagance vehicles and making a benefit. They’re an organization hoping to help spare the planet. Musk has expressed that Tesla’s vision is “to quicken the approach of reasonable vitality.” I can’t help thinking that Tesla has not dismissed its vision, and will keep on tailing it.