Data Table 3: Diameter of Solid Cylinder Trial Main Scale (mm) 1 Vernier Coincidence Diameter of Cylinder (mm) Mean Diameter (cm) 2 3 4 4 8 1/128 in 3 0 2 50 10 20 30 40 80 60 70 90 1681 0.05mm 10 15 20

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fill out ENTIRE table please and explain how vernier coincidence is calculated properly


Sol: In Vernier calipers, there are two scales one is Main Scale and other is Vernier Scale, and here least count is 0.05mm
Now to find main scale reading we should see the division of main scale which is just left side of zero division of vernier scale. Hence here main scale reading is MSR= 25mm

Now to find vernier coincidence, we should see which division of vernier scale exactly coincides with any of the main scale division, here if we will see then we get that 8th division of vernier scale is exactly coincide hence vernier coincidence is 8

Now vernier scale reading is VSR = Vernier coincidence is x least count =8×0.05=0.40mm

Now final reading for the diameter is = MSR+VSR =25mm+0.40mm=25.40mm