Brief Exercise 4-06 al-a2 The income statement for Salt Creek Golf Club for the month ending July 31 shows Service Revenue $17,800, Salaries and Wages Expense $9,66 Maintenance and Repairs Expense $2,500, and Net Income $5,700. Prepare the entries to close the revenue and expense accounts. (Credit account titles are automatically indented when amount entered. Do not indent manually.) Date Account Thules and Explanation Debit Credit July 31 (To close revenue account) July 31 (Todose expense accounts) OUT OF ACCOUNTS Post the entries to the revenue and expense accounts, and complete the closing process for these accounts using the three-column form of account. Service Revenue Debit Credit Balance Date Explanation Ref. 7/31 Balance 7/31 Closing entry Salaries and Wages Expense Date Explanation Ref. Debit Credit Balance 7/31 Balance 7/31 Closing entry dy Maintenance and Repairs Expense Date Explanation Ref. Debit Credit 7/31 Balance Balance */31 Closing entry Click if you would like to show Work for this question: Qren Show Work

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DateAccount Titles and ExplanationsDebitCredit
July 31Service Revenue$ 17,800
Income Summary$ 17,800
(To close Revenue account)
July 31Income Summary$ 12,100
Salaries and Wages expense$ 9,600
Maintenance and Repairs expense$ 2,500
(To close expense accounts)
Service Revenue
DateExplanaation Ref.DebitCreditBalance
7/31Balance$ 17,800
7/31Closing Entry$ 17,800$ 0
SSalaries and wages Expense
DateExplanaation Ref.DebitCreditBalance
7/31Balance$ 9,600
7/31Closing Entry$ 9,600$ 0
Maintenance and Repairs expense
DateExplanaation Ref.DebitCreditBalance
7/31Balance$ 2,500
7/31Closing Entry$ 2,500$ 0