(b) Transformations of a point in a 2-D plane can be achieved by applying the transformation matrix T on the given initial point (x, y). Given Xy – 3,Y, = 3, 0 – 45 ,x = 4 and y = 4 and the transformation matrices below: T = Xs 0T = 10 T = 10 0 YS 0 1 in Y axis, 0 in X axis T = cos(o) .sin() T = 100 T – cos() sin(6) XT sin() cos(6) sin() cos(6) Y1 X, Y, 1 0 a. Find [x’, y’] by rotation and plot the points b. Find [x’,y’] by scaling and plot the points c. Find [x’, y’] by translation and plot the points d. Find [x’,y’] by combined transformation e. Find [x’, y’] by reflection and plot the points NOTE: Show all calculations. AP(10)

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