10 Myths About Olympiad Math

Olympiad math is a challenging and rewarding experience that can help students develop their problem-solving skills, learn new mathematical concepts, and meet other like-minded students. However, there are many myths about Olympiad math that can discourage students from participating.   Myth #1: Olympiad math is only for geniuses. This is not true! Olympiad math is …

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GMAT 750+ questions

Question 1: A software company has 4 programmers. It pays annual salaries of $60,000 to each of 2 programmers, $70,000 to 1 programmer, and $80,000 to each of the remaining 1 programmer. The average (arithmetic mean) annual salary of these programmers is closest to which of the following? (A) $65,000 (B) $67,000 (C) $69,000 (D) …

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