An advertisement has been placed on the company’s and on major recruitments websites for a great opportunity to be employed as Country Manager at ABA insurance company in the UAE.

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Case Study

An advertisement has been placed on the company’s and on major recruitments websites for a great opportunity to be employed as Country Manager at ABA insurance company in the UAE.
You read the job description and believe you are the fit for this position. You want to negotiate with the General Manager, Dr. David Smith, that you would like to excel and get promoted as “Country Manager”, from your current position as the “Dubai’s branch manager”. This position will provide you with many opportunities such as higher salary, more responsibilities, and utilizing more of your technical and leadership skills.
In addition, you have been working with the company since September 2015 as a full-time employee and have made enormous contribution to the organization. From your experience you have also determined that Dr. David Williams is F/T (Feeling/Thinking) personality type as per The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

1. What would be your negotiation process? What will be your BATNA? What are the essential techniques and strategies in the context of negotiation? What would your SMART goals? Explain in detail.


  1. What would be your negotiation process?

Planning and agenda: this is the most important step, crucial for optimal outcome of every negotiation, and in this particular case I would:

1. Plan ways to prove my value:

  • First of all, I would ensure that I completely understand what the requirements of the new role and prove that I possess necessary skills and experience.
  • Then, understand clearly organization’s strategy and objectives to be able to explain how I will lead the branch managers (subordinate staff) towards the growth projections.
  • Lastly but not of less importance is to ensure that I have all the necessary certifications required by the new role.

2. To build my case:

  • To outline my capabilities of my performing in more senior role by compiling a solid list of my accomplishments and prove that I am the best person for this position because I have already tested my leadership capabilities while replacing senior managers during their leaves, training and coaching subordinates and participated in all major projects.

3. Research earning potential:

  • To find out what is the current market rate for the same position in our geographic area, and request reasonable salary promotion.
  • Check recent performance appraisals
  • To consider overall success of the company in the negotiation process, and if the company is growing to request a salary increase written in the contract.
  • Discuss the full compensation package.

4. Research “thinkers” communication style

  • Think on new ideas, improvement, expansion of the business while fairness, ethics and compliance are kept within and above company requirements

Discuss with my line manager the opportunity, make him familiar with my desire to grow professionally in this company and request his consent and recommendation

Apply for the job: Update and submit my CV, Cover Letter and certification along with line manager consent and recommendation on the internal application site

7. Prepare the agenda for discussion

Discussion with Dr. Smith – Job Interview

To start the discussion, I will have my CV, Cover letter and certification with me along with the agenda, introduce myself and then:

  • Listen.
  • Demonstrate confidence and understanding.
  • Remember my objectives.
  • Answer when asked demonstrating knowledge, experience, new concept and ideas.

8. Job Offer

Salary negotiation

  1. What will be your BATNA?

If the proposed option is not as good as I expected, I will try to negotiate all package, ie: flexible working hours, 1 week extra annual leave then initially offered and benefits (housing and school allowance).

  1. What are the essential techniques and strategies in the context of negotiation?
  • To enter the room with confidence leaving the impression that I am a leader capable to control every situation and wants this job for personal and organizational success
  • To be well prepared: ensure that all the factors that may occur have already been weighted
  • Be realistic in expectations
  • Be a patient listener, not to press for something that may not help or jump with conclusion and never interrupt
  • To understand my weakness and identify way to overcome it
  • To know my limits and decide in advance what the absolute minimum outcome is.
  1. What would your SMART goals? Explain in detail.

If I was employed in the insurance industry, my SMART goal would be to become Regional Manager – Operations for GCC at ABA.

Country manager position will enable me to gain more experience in each specific country and be able to take care of the regional operations in the future. Master degree which has currently in process will certainly help me achieving my goal. I will keep on updating my CV with relevant qualifications so I can apply to any other position, if my application for country manager is unsuccessful.

SMART goals.

  • To negotiate for the vacant position. This goal is clear about the intention of the candidate. It is specific.
  • To use work experience and excellent achievements to convince the general manager. This goal is specific and relevant. It highlights tools to use to achieve a specific task.
  • To secure the position of Country Manager within the duration advertised. This goal is time-bound as it sets time limits when the objective should be successful.