A gas-turbine power plant has a two-stage compressor and a two-stage turbine. The compressors and turbines are mounted on the same shaft. The pressure and temperature at the inlet of the low-pressure compressor are 1.5 bar and 20 degree C. The maximum cycle temperature and pressure are 750 degree C and 6 bar. An intercooler, a reheater, and a regenerator are used in the cycle as shown in the figure below. Gases exiting the low-pressure compressor are cooled to the 20 degree C in the intercooler, at a pressure of 3 bar, before entering the high-pressure compressor. Gases exiting the high-pressure compressor are initially heated in a regenerator, using the gases exiting the low-pressure turbine as shown in the figure below, and later in a combustion chamber. Gases exiting the high-pressure turbine are heated to 750 degree C in the reheater, at a pressure of 3 bar, before entering the low-pressure turbine. Assume the isentropic efficiencies of the compressors and turbines to be 82%. There are no pressure losses in the intercooler, regenerator, combustion chamber and reheater. The working fluid used in the cycle is air and for air, take k = 1.4 and c_p = 1.004 kJ/kg. Also, use T(K) = T(degree C) + 273 and 1 bar = 10^5 Pa. Determine T-s diagram of the cycle; Thermal efficiency of the cycle when the regenerator effectiveness is 0.7; and The mass flow rate if the net power generated is 350 kW.

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