A cylindrical 4340 steel bar is subjected to reversed rotating-bending stress cycling, which yielded the test results presented in Animated Figure 8.21. If the maximum applied load is 5,000 N. compute the minimum allowable bar diameter to ensure that fatigue failure will not occur. Assume a factor of safety of 2.25 and that the distance between loadbearing points is 55.0 mm. mm Cycles to failure = 3.2E 3 Maximum stress = 0 Mpa 700 Ti-5Al-2.5Sn titanium alloy 4340 steel Maximum stress, S (MPa) 1045 steel Ductile cast iron 70Cu-30Zn brass 2014-T6 Al alloy EQ21A-T6 Mg alloy 101_10510610_100100* Cycles to failure. N

80 0


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