2262 21 22 23 24 OWENS UD POWERHOUSE NO.12 Kwamo 626 F Е. S 28 Qb 26 TUNNEL NO. 2 TUNNE UD Tob vel ock Creek Guard Sta Qf 33 EM 6943 35 36 34 BM6811 395 7010 Rock 7246 Qs PLOT JOINT SET NO. 2 IN THE TUNNEL FACE – SHOW THE DIRECTION OF MOVEMENT – LABEL THE DIAGRAM. 1) TUNNEL ADVANCE

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Presuming the tunnel cross section provided is the one which is the nearest to the joint set plot. There we can observe that the at intersection between the tunnel and the joint set, the tunnel is striking parallel to the join set which is in the NW- SE direction. Refer to the image 1.