2) A program, being executed on a processor, has the following instructions mix: Operation ALU Load Store Branches Frequency 40% 20% 15% 25% Clock cycles per instruction 2 10 4. 3 a) Compute the average clock cycles per instruction b) Compute the percent of execution time spent by each class of instructions c) A designer wants to improve the performance. He designs a new execution unit that makes 80% of ALU operations take only 1 cycle to execute. The other 20% of ALU operations will still take 2 cycles to execute. The designer also wants to improve the execution of the memory access instructions. He does it in a way that 95% of the load instructions take only 2 cycles to execute, while the remaining 5% of the load instructions take 10 cycles to execute per load. He also improves the store instructions in such a way that each store instruction takes 2 cycles to execute. Compute the new average CPI d) What is the speedup factor by which the performance has improved in part c?

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Answer. Let Us First Discuss About Some Theory for this Question.

We Know that Performance Equation is given as :

CPU Time = Cycle Time * Instruction Count * Average CPI

Assuming n different type of Instructions each with count IC and requiring CPI cycles Then,

a) Average CPI= sum of (CPI * Frequency) of all the instructions.

b) Percentage execution Time spent by each class of Instructions is given by Frequency/Average CPI.

Here is the Image of Answers for both a) and b) Questions.

c) Enhanced Average CPI is calculated as follows:

d) Speed Up Factor is calculated as Average CPI(old)/Average CPI(Enhanced) i.e 4.15/4.65 = 0.89.