2.25. How do college students spend their day? The 2016 American Time Use Survey for college students found the following results: Activity Percentage Eating and Drinking 4 % Educational Activities 14 % Grooming 3% Leisure and Sports 17 % Sleepiong 37 % Traveling 6 % Working and Related 10 % Activities Other 9% Construct a bar chart, a pie chart, and a Pareto chart. b. Which graphical method do you think is best for portraying these data? C. What conclusions can you reach concerning how college students spend their day? a. C.

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b. The best graphical method for portraying these data is the Pareto Chart which arranges the data in descending order and then does the plotting in the form of bars and also contains a line representing the cumulative percentage of defects.


c. On the analysis of data, I have reached the below conclusions:
i. Majority of the students spend their time in Sleeping (i.e. 37%)

ii. Beyond Sleeping, students spend their time in Leisure and sports or Educational activities. The majority of this 31% of students spend time in Leisure and Sports (i.e. 17%) and not with the much difference spends time in Educational activities (i.e. 14%)
iii. The least of the students spend time in grooming.

iv. Here we have an average of 13%. So activities done by students nearly average are Leisure, educational activities, Working and related, and others.

v. Here we can treat sleeping and grooming as an outlier as it is far from the average.