1. The upper base diameter of the frustum of a right circular cone is 2m and the lower base diameter is 4m, if its altitude is 6 m find its lateral area. (CE May 2008)

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43.98 sq.m.

57.33 sq.m.

48.06 sq.m.

55.21 sq.m.

2. The sides of the base of a pentagonal prism measure 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9 cm, respectively. A second prism similar to the first has its shortest side equal to 1 cm, and lateral area of 144 cm2. What is the altitude of the first prism? (CE May 2008)

21.432 cm.

41.806 cm.

38.768 cm.

10.452 cm.


Answer = 56.55 sq m