1. How do Quality Control and Quality Assurance differ?2. Explain the meaning of this statement; You cannot inspect quality into product’s

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3. Briefly comment on the following elements of TQM:
a. Quality at source
b. Benchmarking and continuous improvement

4. Employee empowerment is one of the concepts incorporated in TQM. Explain four ways in which teams of empowered employees are built in an organisation.

5. why does an organisation need to measure customer satisfaction?

6. Describe a quality control chart and how it can be used. What are the upper and lower control limits? What does it mean if an observation falls outside the control limits?


The difference between the quality control and quality assurance is explained below:

You cannot inspect quality into products:

1. The quality needs to be measured and inspected during the production and manufacturing process, the product cannot be inspected on qulaity after the delivering.

2. The customers will expect on good qulaity so the business should focus on producing the products and inspection would be late even if the product is good or bad.

3. The changes cannot be made easily on the quality once the product is ready in the market.

Quality at source:The technology needs to be considered as a best in the workplace, to implement on the quality, the creativity and innovation plays a major role in the market for sustainability as where the product and service would be unique. So that improves on the quality profitability. The feedback on the product and service needs to be known and understood by the stakeholders, as that helps the company to increase on the quality. That can focus on the growth of company through different views and ideas of their stakeholder and their expectation.

Benchmarking and continuous improvement:

Plan– It is the Planning Phase, it establish the objectives for the business.

Do– It is the Action phase, which implement on the plan of the business.

Check– It Compares on the result and identify on the achievement towards the objectives of the business.

Act– It Standardized on the procedure and fix that towards the growth of the organization.

A good relationship should be maintained with the organization and customer as to increase on the production and should build trust among the customers. The change needs to be accepted in the organization and it should be easy adaptable to increase on the quality of the organization. The diversity ratio needs to be increased so that the culture change can helps to increase on the consumption of the consumer in different location, so that it increases the performance of the business towards good profit for the organization. Only with TQM the business can focus more towards quality improvisation.