1. Do you see Sony as an innovator in its industries of electronics, semiconductors, computers, video games, and telecommunications equipment? Why or Why not?

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1. Do you see Sony as an innovator in its industries of electronics, semiconductors, computers, video games, and telecommunications equipment? Why or Why not?

2. Sony has a vision of “using our unlimited passion for technology, content and services to deliver groundbreaking new excitement and entertainment.” The mission is even clearer. Sony is “a company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity.” Does Sony inspire and fulfill your curiosity?

3. Sony has 12 core segments in its business. Is this too many or not enough? Are today’s companies diversified like they used to be a few decades ago? Can Sony’s 12-segments business model be sustainable?

4. The Future Lab Program, which is part of Sony’s investment in R&D, embraces an approach to technological R&D that emphasizes am open creative environment and direct lines of communication with society, with the end goal being to co-create new lifestyles and customer value. Does Sony create significant customer value? Does Sony create new lifestyles?




Truly, Sony is an innovator in its industries of electronics, semiconductors, video games, computers, and media transmission equipment as Sony first presents the world’s initially immediate view compact transistor TV and the world’s first transistor-based videotape recorder.

Sony presents the first-since forever encounters of viewing on a big screen with a boisterous sound and experience the impact of the sentiment of what one watches on a big screen. It is the principal company to cause the customers to understand that they couldn’t just hear sound yet in addition can picture the program.


Truly, Sony does move and satisfy the interest as the company by its creative innovation made it feasible for the individuals to picture the sounds that they have been hearing. Its mission is clear and the company is a lot of concentrated on utilizing the innovation for the advancement of humanity.

It is consistently occupied with innovative work programs, wandering into numerous worldwide tasks to grow new items, according to the customer’s needs. Along these lines, Sony rouses us to be centered around our goals and to fulfill the interest of ourselves as well as other people.


I don’t think twelve portions are a lot as Sony can viably deal with these twelve sections of items. In addition, these days the present companies are progressively diversified like they were previously. Sony’s 12 section plan of action is sustainable as practically all the items are progressing admirably, environmentally benevolent items, exceptionally inventive innovation, profoundly proficient technique, with bunches of worldwide tasks, it has still to go far.


Truly, sony creates high huge customer esteem and a new way of life as due to its separation and ceaseless development, it is continually giving new imaginative items to the customers, which upgrades their fulfillment levels just as they can appreciate a new way of life.

The company is putting away enormous cash for research to realize the customer’s fantasy and constantly enhancing for creating items for the upliftment of humankind, to give them a new style of living.