1 Assignment requirements You are part of a team working on an innovative solution to a business problem in a certain company. The company is facing multiple complaints from customers on “Late Delivery” of products. You need to use the following tools to identify an innovative solution to the problem: Mind Mapping + Process Mapping Fishbone/Cause-and-Effect Diagram * Six Thinking Hats Requirements: 1. Clearly define each tool and its value to creative thinking. (3 Points) 2. Sketch a mind map, and fishbone to the late delivery problem (sketch by hand) (4 Points) 3. Mention the step-by-step approach of applying “Six Hats” to the problem. (3 Points) (you do not need to find solution, just list the steps of the approach)

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The above diagrams are of 2nd question,Diagram A is mind map and diagram B is Fishbone diagram.


i]Mind mapping is a way of linking key concepts using link,line and images.There is a central concept which is linked via lines to other concepts which in turn are linked with other associated ideas.It uses the concept called radiant thinking that is various thoughts radiate from a single idea which is often expressed as an image.

It is very valuable in the direction of creative thinking as:-

a]It is a visual tool which helps in structuring the information which helps in better analyzing and generating new ideas.

b]Information in the minmap is structured in a way that reflects how the brain actually works.

c]It helps in mapping the knowledge in a creative way that helps in better understanding and retaining information.

ii]Process Mapping-It is a planning and management tool that visually describes the flow of work.It is also called a flow chart,process flowchart,workflow diagram,etc.

It demostrates creative thinking as:-

a]It shows that processes are compliant and it provides the insight of a process in a creative way and that too in less time.

b]It help teams brainstorm ideas for process improvement,increase communication and provide process documentation in a different and innovative way.

c]It focusses on the work rather than a job titles and hierarchy.

iii]Fishbone/Cause and Effect Diagram-It is a tool which helps in visualizing tool for categorizing the potential causes of a problem.It helps in finding a problem’s root causes.

It demonstrates creative thinking as :-

a]These diagrams are typically worked from right to left with each large bone of the fish branching out to include smaller bones ,each containing more detail in a creative way.

b]It helps in brainstorming in identifying possible causesof a problem and sorting ideas into useful categories.

iii]Six Thinking Hats-It is tool to boost the productivity of creative thinking by dividing the different styles of thinking into six hats,logic,emotion,caution,optimism,creativity and control.

It demonstrates creativity as:-

a]It motivates for a clear thinking process by adding structure to the brainstorming process.

b]It is shoter and most effective thinking process.It is so creative that even it’s name is absolute creative.

3 Ans,

Solution through six hat technique:-

i]The white hat will focus on facts and data and information needed for deliverying the items.Therefore,by this step all the informations and datas will be taken and stored correctly and properly for better elivery.

ii]The red hat focusses on feelings,guts and intuitions.So,by this step then if anything will give any vibe that things will be not completed on time then appropriate techniques will be used for solving those problems on the basis of type of problem.

iii]The yellow hat focusses on positives,values and benefits.So,by this step work will be done will great positivity by taking in mind values and the other aspect.

iv]The green hat focusses on creativity,alternatives and new ideas.So,by this steps,if at any time it will be felt that delivery is going to be late then different ideas and techniques will be used for delivery on time.

v]The black hat focusses on difficulties,spot dangers and potential problems.So,by this step problems and dangers will be analyzed right in the starting of the process for no possibility of huddle or error.

vi]The blue hat focusses on controlling the thinking processes and action plans.So,by this step overthinking will be contolled and planns and actions will be balanced.

Thus,this is the procedure according to the demand of the question.