0/1 pts Incorrect Question 4 Constraints often take the form of an expression involving one or more decision variables being or < some value. Such values are also called: Objective Coefficients Y-Intercepts Right Hand Sides Ranges of Feasibility Question8 0/ 1 pts Consider this LP Formulation: Let: M = # of Manual gearboxes A-# of Automatic gearboxes Maximize Proft: 64M+100A Subject to: 3M+5A7500 5M+4A 10000 The values 7500 and 1000 are: right hand sides the range of feasibility decision variables objective function

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(1) The values will lie on the right-hand side of the constraint inequalities.

Answer: Right hand sides

(2) The values which lie on the right-hand sides are simply called right hand sides

Answer: Right hand sides